The Uber for everything is here

Show of hands, how many of you here at @ccelrator Demo Day have ever searched for something, but found that there wasn’t an on-demand app that fit your precise need?

[Entire room raises their hands]

That’s exactly the problem that we set out to solve when my three co-founders and I got together one night at the Market Street Philz Coffee after trying (and failing) to find a person who could Feng Shui our office while we were out kitesurfing.

And that’s when we realized something: all of these on-demand apps were missing one critical element:


When you order an Uber, you’re not waiting for a car, you’re waiting for a person in that car.

When you rent a place on Airbnb, you’re not renting from a building, you’re renting from a person.

When you order groceries from Instacart, you’re not buying groceries, you’re paying a person to spend an hour sifting through produce to find the just-ripe enough avocados so you can make a killer guac to impress all your friends at your next party.

Once we realized this simple truth, the solution was straightforward:

An on-demand platform that puts all of humanity at your fingertips.

There are seven BILLION people on this planet…

But until now we’ve been silo’d.

An app for people wanting on-demand cars.

An app for people wanting a place to stay that they could damage up to a million dollars.

An app to overpay for groceries.

But there’s never been an app for PEOPLE.

Until now.


A platform for people.

Find your category…

Create your listing…

It just takes three clicks…

Plus your credit card or other payment method to pay for regular or preferred placement with fancy graphics and fonts.

It’s just like the phonebook your parents used to —

Oh crap.

OK never mind.

This is awkward.

Anyone want to sublease some office space on Market Street?

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